О проекте
We're play Awesome Punk-Rock

In our music we've mix up so many different styles, from liryc (called "for girls"),to hardcore.
We try to make the show so much exitig,as we can,Live concerts it's the great show first of all!
In summer 2008 was our first live at Snickers Urbania contest.Start to remake our songs, then make our first demo record.

Next year make so many live shows and got needed practice on the home stage, then enother cities.

June 2009, made Rock show at Snickers Urbania again, wich 10'000 fans come(publicated by MTV and MuzTV).

After that our band got our first DIY rock tour from home town Kemerovo to Moscow, where stay for a while to continue the progress.

That's all just a start!!!
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